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Denial Esports signs Bravado squad for CSGO

Project Destiny has come to a close, but this new squad marks Denial's first venture into CS:GO for a while.

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Denial Esports has announced that, following funding issues for their previous venture, four out of the five members of the Bravado squad have signed with their CS:GO team. As a result, "Project Destiny" has come to a close, a self-funded project with an aim to help the full South African squad at Bravado reach professional level in North America. The fifth team member; Dimitri 'Detrony' Hadjuipaschali, will remain at Bravado to move forward with their next foray into CS:GO esports.

The community following Bravado could only muster up around 60% of their funding goal by January 24, a month after the campaign was launched. On this day, they announced a corporate sponsor would be needed to fund the rest of the goal if they were to continue as an organisation for the following three months. This did not materialise, and two days later the Indiegogo fund was terminated, meaning refunds were sent out to those who initially backed them.

Denial recently transitioned to new owners, and has teams competing over a variety of different esports titles. The Bravado CS:GO signing is their first foray into CS:GO since leaving the scene in late 2017 amid turmoil over payments to players from the previous owners. The current owners have settled their debts, and are hoping this signing is key in allowing the brand to move forward and shake off its past stigma.

Is this a good move for Denial Esports and Bravado?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Photo: Denial Esports

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