Denial Esports sells Smite team to Flash Point Esports

They hope to focus on other things instead.

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Denial Esports' Smite team is one of the biggest names of the game, having a team from back in 2013, although they disbanded and came back in early 2015. They have big players like Erich "Shadowq" Grabowski on their team and even had quite a successful fall split in Season Three, qualifying for the super regionals, but now Denial are parting ways with this team.

A message on Denial Esports' Twitter announced: "After coming to a agreement with @FlashPoint_GG we have decided to part ways with our Smite team to concentrate on other efforts." The entire roster, then, is now under the banner of Flash Point Esports.

Conor "Vetium" Roberts also posted on Twitter about the move, saying: "We are now under @FlashPoint_GG with the exact same roster as before. Best wishes to Denial on their future endeavors."

Is this a good acquisition for Flash Point?

Photo: Hi-Rez Studios

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