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Demetrious Johnson talks about his PUBG esports ambitions

PUBG is one of his favourite titles, and he streams it too.

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If you know UFC you've probably heard of the very successful fighter Demetrious Johnson, the reigning flyweight champion, but what you might not know is that Johnson is an avid streamer, and even likes to compete in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds tournaments.

One of these is Uproar's upcoming Golden Chicken tournament, in which Johnson and Uproar team up to bring fans a PUBG event that pits gamers, YouTubers, and other famous figures against one another (more detail can be found here). During a recent interview with PC Gamer, Johnson talked about the competition, and he's feeling confident.

"Oh, I'm very excited," he said. "This is my second competition and obviously this is one of my favourite games. I'm looking forward to it and I'm looking forward to go out there and kill everybody in the woods. Nobody can beat the shadow, the Warrior in the Woods. "

During the same conversation Johnson was asked whether he could reproduce his success in UFC in PUBG, to which he said: "I don't know, that's a long shot. You've got some really great, really talented guys out there at the moment. You've got guys who're playing these games professionally, eight hours a day. Video games for me are a release, I wish I could that amount of time into it but I don't know if I could ever be better than them."

"What I will say is this: There's not another athlete out there that puts as many hours into the gym, and as many hours into video games that's as good as me."

Part of the appeal of video games for Johnson is also the streaming aspect. "Yeah, livestreaming is something I'd love to pick up when I retire," he continued. "The thing about mixed martial arts is that you can only do it for so long before your body gives out."

"If I'm streaming and entertaining, you can do that forever—so long as your mind is clear, your brain is switched on, and you want to entertain. I don't see why not, I can provide some on-air talent, play some games and we can take it from."

Do you think he can win the Golden Chicken tournament?

PUBG: Battlegrounds

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