Deltarune Chapter 2 is releasing very soon

Sadly, it's only coming to PC for now.

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It has now been almost three years since Deltarune's first chapter was released on PC and fans have been wondering for a while just when a sequel might arrive. It turns out the wait for the game's second chapter is almost over, as it was recently revealed within a 6th-anniversary Underale stream that it will be launching September 17 at 8pm EST/ September 18 at 2am CEST. Sadly though, this is only on PC and those looking to play on other platforms will have to wait a little bit longer.

A countdown timer and an official FAQ were also revealed on the game's website. Here some other details were brought to light, as it appears that more chapters are planned for the future and Chapter 2 can be played without even having to save data from Chapter 1. It's worth pointing out too that Chapter 1 can be download for free on PC, PS4, and Switch.


Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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