Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon's puzzles won't feel like puzzles

Keoken Interactive explained a bit about their game to us.

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Starbreeze Studios' Starstream recently took place, and when we got a chance to talk to Keoken Interactive about their game Deliver Us The Moon backstage, Koen Deetman revealed that there's going to be a lot of narrative and puzzles, but that he doesn't want them to feel too much like your typical game.

"In my opinion you're just going to experience a more visual and audio [driven] adventure, but that's not enough, so we kind of figured out that we want to have puzzles in the game," he said. "However, we never want them to feel like puzzles, so it's kind of like environmental hazards, problems you will encounter... think about unstable bases, problems with your oxygen, maybe hard to reach places, trying to figure out what happened there and what eventually will be told at the end of the game."

Does this approach to puzzles appeal to you?

Deliver Us The Moon

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