Deliver Us The Moon

Deliver Us The Moon: "Save humanity, that's the goal"

The stakes are high in this upcoming episodic adventure.

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Johan Terink from Keoken Interactive joined us in San Francisco to talk about Deliver Us The Moon, the upcoming episodic sci-fi puzzle-adventure that's heading to PC and Xbox One, with the first chapter hopefully set to land in August (with subsequent episodes to be released every two months after).

"Save humanity, that's the goal of the game," Terink told us when explaining the concept. "During the game you're going to be helped by a robot, by ASE, the All Seeing Eye, that's flying around; he's going to help you get through all the puzzles. There's going to be a lot of puzzles. You're going to be having a jetpack. You're going to be welding. You're going to be doing all sorts of stuff."

Deliver Us The MoonDeliver Us The MoonDeliver Us The Moon

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