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Resident Evil 3

Delays warned for delivery of Resident Evil 3

Just like Square Enix warned with Final Fantasy VII: Remake, Capcom has issued a statement about possible delays.

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Among the most anticipated games in April, in addition to Final Fantasy VII: Remake, there's another popular return awaiting nostalgic players, and that's Resident Evil 3. After giving players a taste of the game thanks to a demo that has been available since last week, tomorrow it will also be possible to try Resident Evil Resistance in open beta (it's the asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer game that will be released on the same day as part of the same package). However, when it comes to the planned launch, Capcom has bad news for at least some of the fans of the horror series.

Although the launch date, scheduled for April 3, will be fully respected, there may be problems with the delivery of physical copies of games to European stores and, therefore, on to players. Of course, this is due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, as stated in a press release published on Twitter, Capcom has asked players to check availability at the local store where they made their pre-order (for both the standard and collector's editions).

Square Enix also made a similar announcement last week for Final Fantasy VII: Remake, signaling the possibility of delayed deliveries of physical copies of the game on April 10. It remains to be seen how many players will decide to cancel their order and go digital. Doing so, however, could create another issue and place greater demands on Internet service providers, although Sony and Microsoft have announced that they're working hard to ensure that everyone has access to their online services so hopefully, that will mean little more than limited download speeds.

Resident Evil 3

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