Guitar Hero Live

Def Leppard and The Strokes to Guitar Hero Live

New bands make it onto FreeStyle's musical title.

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Guitar Hero Live has been updated with a bunch of new songs in two new Premium Sets. Here's what to expect this time around:

Def Leppard: On Through the Ages
Def Leppard — "Dangerous"
Def Leppard — "Let's Go"
Def Leppard — "Rock of Ages"

Indie Rock Anthems
The Strokes — "You Only Live Once"
Miles Kane — "Don't Forget Who You Are"
Skaters — "Miss Teen Massachusetts"

Guitar Hero Live made its return in October of last year (you can find out whether we liked it or not in our review) and has since been released on a plethora of platforms. Before launch we talked to one of the bands that appeared in the game, In Flames, and you can see that interview below should you so wish.

Guitar Hero Live

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