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Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic is tunnelling its way onto PlayStation platforms in January 2022

The cat was let out of the bag last month when it was age-rated in Taiwan.

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Xbox will soon lose yet another console exclusive. Co-op FPS Deep Rock Galactic is following in the footsteps of Twelve Minutes, and it's coming to PlayStation consoles in January 2022. This is something that was all but confirmed last month, as the game was age-rated for PS4 and PS5 in Taiwan.

Deep Rock Galactic, if you're unaware, sees players team up to harvest precious materials from procedurally generated caves. Teamwork is essential here, and you'll need to use your character's different abilities to traverse the deadly alien-filled environments. One character, for example, might be able to tunnel underground using a powerful drill, and another may be able to scale great heights using a grappling hook.

"While it hasn't been the best kept secret, we are delighted to finally come clean and stop hiding our long awaited arrival onto PlayStation!" Søren Lundgaard, CEO & Co-Founder, Ghost Ship Games. "We are bringing the game to PlayStation fans at one of the most exciting times in the game's development path, and are so excited to open the doors to a whole new set of fans."

Deep Rock Galactic

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