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Deep Down

Deep Down beta details to be revealed this month?

Producer tweet points to announcement of something in next few weeks.

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Deep Down originally headlined Capcom's experiments with new-gen tech, before materialising formally as an RPG in a similar mould to the Dark Souls series.

But concrete information on the project has been hard to come by since, other that a beta would be due sometime this summer. A new tweet from producer Kazunori Sugiura mentions that we will hopefully hear more about just that later this month.

As translated by Neogaf user Sugiura the tweet reads:

"Producer Sugiura here. Details on the public beta test are likely to come in July. There's no excuse, as everyone was looking forward to the information. Rather than development circumstances, we're discussing with the higher ups the policies for the beta test.

As an apology, I'm attaching a screenshot of the game in development. It's a dungeon themed after the emotion of 'Anger'. I will report again in July."

Deep Down

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