Deathloop's game director thinks The Outer Wilds is "the perfect time loop game"

Dinga Bakaba spoke to us about why Arkane steered clear of making Deathloop a truly open world game.

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It's only twelve days until Deathloop, the next game from Arkane, is set to launch. Bringing a time looping mechanic and a bunch of unique levels to explore and uncover details across, we recently had a chance to catch up with game director, Dinga Bakaba to see why Deathloop didn't head down the route of being an open world game, and it turns out the reasoning was because another game beat Arkane to it.

"Someone made, I would say, the perfect time loop game, and that's the folks that did The Outer Wilds" said Bakaba. "Outer Wilds, for me, is the best time loop game, and it is a mini-open world in real-time like clockwork. I don't think anyone is going to tickle them on that way of doing a time loop, for... for a good time. There are some very smart people in this industry, so maybe next year. But, I think they did something fabulous, and I think it's good for us and for the players that we [Arkane] have our own formula and take on it".

We recently published our final impressions on Deathloop ahead of release, you can read what we thought about the game here. And likewise, if you're interested in checking out the full interview with Bakaba, be sure to watch it below, as we also chat about Julianna's invasion system and how it came to be.


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