Deathloop coming for Xbox and Game Pass next week

Some various new goodies are arriving as part of the release as well.

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As we reported earlier this week, it was heavily rumoured that Deathloop would be released for Xbox this month. It launched last year as a console timed-exclusive for PlayStation 5, but as Microsoft owns both the developer and publisher (Bethesda), most people thought it would be added to Game Pass as well eventually.

An Xbox release was confirmed during Microsoft's Tokyo Game Show stream, where it was announced that Deathloop is coming to Game Pass on September 20, This means it's time for a new audience to figure out the loop of death in what can be described as an assassin's version of the movie "Groundhog day".

Microsoft also adds that you can pre-load the game starting now, and that "Arkane Lyon is also releasing the GOLDENLOOP Update to the game, which brings a new weapon, a powerful new ability, new enemy types, an extended ending, and more".


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