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Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding's protagonist talks about negotiations for a "second Death Stranding"

Norman Reedus should know what he's saying, right?

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One of Death Stranding's actors, Hollywood star Norman Reedus, spoke to the Portuguese website Adorocinema (translated by IGN Brazil) about a "second Death Stranding", seemingly confirming the game's existence: "I think we're doing a second Death Stranding. [The project] is in negotiations right now."

Reedus, who portrayed the protagonist Sam Porter Bridges in Death Stranding, seems clear, but we have not yet heard any affirmative plans for a possible sequel from official sources. As VG24/7 notes, the short interview excerpt doesn't clarify whether the actor is actually referring to Death Stranding 2 or the planned Director's Cut release for the PS5 that is due in a couple of weeks.

Death Stranding: Director's Cut will receive new game scenes, so it is conceivable that Reedus might have mixed up something. However, the word "negotiates" raises questions in this assumption, because this very edition should no longer be "negotiated" - it will launch on September 24. Additionally, the actor's active participation for this project has likely already been completed.

It looks like many players want a new Silent Hill game from chief developer Hideo Kojima, but because the Japanese producer appears to not have the best relation with his former employer Konami after he left the company, this dream is unlikely to come to fruition anytime soon. The Metal Gear Solid creator founded his own studio (Kojima Productions) after his departure from Konami in 2015 and started working on Death Stranding soon after. A refined version of this project will be released in a few weeks, introducing new content and technical performance updates under the title "Director's Cut"

Death Stranding Director's Cut

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