Death Stranding

Death Stranding's exoskeleton is real in China

Chinese delivery companies are taking inspiration from the Kojima Productions debut title in order to make deliveries more effectively.

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Remember that exoskeleton oi last year's Death Stranding? You were able to carry a heavy load with relative ease. A similar idea was also seen in Matt Damon's 2013 movie Elysium. The trick here is, that exoskeletons are not just sci-fi anymore.

A Chinese food delivery company Ele.me is testing a solution, that would make it easier to carry heavy loads with less strain on the body. You can see video footage of this exoskeleton in action on Twitter. The exoskeleton has been designed by ULS Robotics, which is based in Shanghai.

"Straight out of a video game: China's ubiquitous food-delivery app http://Ele.me caught the Chinese internet's attention this week after testing a powered exoskeleton for its couriers. The exoskeleton endows the wearer with the strength to carry up to 50 kg with ease."

Still, it must be said, that the courier looks pretty uncomfortable.

Death Stranding

Thanks, PC Gamer

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