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Death Stranding Director's Cut

Death Stranding seems to be heading to Game Pass

The PC Game Pass account on Twitter suddenly shared a cryptic message.

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The first and only game Hideo Kojima has made since leaving Konami so far, is Death Stranding. It was met with mostly positive reviews and pretty good sales for both PlayStation and PC. While it was published by Sony for PlayStation as a console exclusive title, the PC version was handled by 505 Games.

Now it seems like the game might be headed for PC Game Pass as well as the official Twitter account of the subscription service all of a sudden changed their profile picture and wrote "sometimes we just like a good landscape picture". It didn't take eagle eyed Twitter users long to find the seemingly exact spot where the image was taken from in the game Death Stranding.

It could be a pure coincidence, but the Game Pass accounts on social media are known to love riddles like these. If it turns out to be correct, it means Death Stranding will be added to the PC (and Ultimate) subscription plans and get Xbox Achievements, and possibly also Cloud support so you could play it on your Xbox.

It usually doesn't take long before teases like these are officially confirmed (or denied), so we'll probably know more fairly soon.

Death Stranding Director's Cut

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