Death Stranding

Death Stranding PC release has been postponed

Kojima Productions took to Twitter just recently to announce that Death Stranding's PC release has been pushed into July.

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Many businesses around the world have closed their doors, instead opting for having employees work from home. This is the case within the gaming industry as well, such as Hideo Kojima's Kojima Productions which has been busy preparing for the PC release of grand action game starring Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, Death Stranding.

The PC version of the game was supposed to release on June 2 via Epic Games Store and Steam, but the temporary closure of the studio has caused a delay. Kojima Productions took to Twitter to announce that the PC launch is now set for July 14.

"Following the temporary closure of KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS, we have had to delay the PC launch of DEATH STRANDING to July 14, 2020, to allow more development time amidst the current work-from-home orders in place. Thank you all for your patience and continued support!"

Death Stranding

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