Death Stranding

Death Stranding movie is on the way

And it sounds like we'll get it before Metal Gear Solid.

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Hideo Kojima's games, especially the Metal Gear Solid series, have always been very story-focused and cinematic, so it's understandable that the famous developer keeps on getting asked about making a movie. These hopes and speculations went crazy when he confirmed Kojima Productions was going into the movie-business three years ago, and now we can have the first result of that.

Deadline has the honor of confirming that Kojima Productions has teamed up with Alex Lebovici's Hammerstone Studios (most known for Barbarian these days) to make a movie of Death Stranding. Not that it'll be exactly like the game, as their sources have heard the movie will introduce new characters and elements. A smart choice, as many would say Death Stranding basically is a film already with its long cinematics and immersive gameplay.

The fact that we don't know who's going to direct the movie yet doesn't necessarily mean we'll have to wait long for more information. Deadline is told the partners are already hard at work on the project and that it's being fast tracked. Fascinating, as it's been two years since Oscar Isaac was cast as Snake in Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Metal Gear Solid movie... We'll see how close to the recently confirmed Death Stranding 2 the original's movie adaption arrives.

Death Stranding

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