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Dean Hall's studio offers unlimited leave

The approach to worker hours is extremely flexible at Rocketwerkz, although there are several tiers of employment.

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You may know Dean Hall best as the creator of DayZ, but he's now chief executive of Rocketwerkz, and a new report from Stuff reveals a rather unique setup at the company where staff are all offered unlimited annual leave and unlimited sick pay too.

The perks offered to staff seem to be the best way to get good work out of them, at least according to Hall, and the company itself has a median pay rate of around $80,000 Australian dollars, over the two offices in Auckland and Dunedin.

Employees are allowed to use the gym on work time too, and Hall has even capped his own salary, giving employees a share of game profits.

"You can have 30 people working on $20 million or $30m project so you're putting a lot of trust in them already. If you are trusting them with big projects and large amounts of money, why can't you trust them to manage their time as well? That's the point we started with," he said.

Despite the lack of restrictions, Hall found that some weren't taking a lot of holiday at all, hence why it's a requirement that people take at least four weeks' leave a year. The idea of having unlimited leave is to stop people from coming in when there's no reason for them to be there.

"You come in on December 23 and there's someone sitting at their desk and you say why are you here, why aren't you with your family, and they say they're saving leave up for the school holidays so they can take kids to Fiji. That's dumb," he says.

"For many it was their first real job and it went one of two ways. For some it worked fine but others needed structure, to be told the hours they needed to be at work."

"It can take one or two years before they start making value for the company and they need to get there by being at work and hearing what's happening."

There are tiered systems in place, however. The first tier is for junior staff and is a more traditional working environment with structured leave and hours, while the second tier introduces unlimited sick leave. For more senior staff, however, the third tier offers unlimited leave in all forms.

"It really depends year-on-year," Hall said when talking about output. "I don't think you can judge someone's work output by the amount of leave they are taking. Someone who takes a lot of leave could be getting the same amount of work done as someone who's not."

Despite his model being suited to his company, Hall adds that it isn't necessarily going to work for everyone:

"I don't think a one-size-fits-all works for any company when you've got beyond about six to 10 employees."

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Dean Hall's studio offers unlimited leave

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