Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition - Director's Cut

Due out on PS3 in March, 2013.

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Deadly Premonition, the cult favourite from Access Games and Rising Star, is coming to Playstation 3 in March, 2013.

The game, launching on the PS3 for the first time (the original 2010 launch was Xbox 360 only), stars special agent Francis York Morgan. He's in small-town America investigating the murder of a local girl in a story that draws inspiration from another cult favourite, Twin Peaks.

The Director's Cut is set to feature new scenario's, HD graphics and a reworked control system. DLC is also planned further down the line.

Hidetaka 'Swery' Suehiro, Deadly Premonition's director, said: "I'm very happy Rising Star Games gave me the chance to work on Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut. It's been a while since Deadly Premonition was released, but I'm still receiving so many messages of support from fans around the world."

"I'm writing some exciting new scenarios and adding some new features. All will be revealed over the coming months and I'm confident I can deliver an unforgettable experience for you all."

Deadly Premonition

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