Dead Space

Dead Space writer teases announcement for the PS5 reveal

Dead Space writer Antony Johnston wants you to watch the PlayStation 5 reveal tomorrow.

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The PlayStation 5 reveal is set for tomorrow (that's right, we're closing in on the big event) and there's plenty to be excited about ahead of the much-anticipated, well-awaited event. While the console is most likely enough to get fans around the globe excited, games will, of course, be shown and Dead Space and Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor writer Antony Johnston is teasing that one of those games is the game he's been working on for the past two years. He wrote the following on Twitter;

"As some of you know, I've been working on a big videogame for almost 2 years now.

In totally unrelated news, you should all watch the PS5 launch event on Thursday."

Now, while many are taking this Tweet as confirmation that a new game in the Dead Space series is on its way, that's most likely not the case and while we don't have many details to speculate on, Johnston also gave the following hint when asked for one;

"Hint: you play a character having a really bad time" which, in all honesty, fits into most of the games he's written. No matter, tomorrow at 9 pm BST, we'll know for sure. What do you think Johnston has in store for us?

Dead Space

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