Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake has an alternate ending

The Trophy list reveals content missing in the original adventure.

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Switch owners may have had their first taste with Fire Emblem Engage last week, but for PC, PlayStation and Xbox players, this week marks the real start of the gaming year as the very, very promising Dead Space Remake launches on Friday.

With so little time left, it perhaps comes as no surprise that the Trophy list has made its way online (via TrueTrophies</a<) and thanks to this, we now know there's a challenge that was missing from the original game called <a href="https://www.truetrophies.com/t556251/reunion-trophy" target="_blank">Reunion. The intriguing thing about this one is the description, which reads: "See the alternative ending on any difficulty mode."

This really can't be interpreted in any other way than that there is indeed an alternate ending to experience this time, but exactly where and how you'll see it is of course unknown for a few more days.

Dead Space Remake

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