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      Dead Space 3

      Dead Space 3 writer would completely redo the game instead of remake it

      The narrative would be significantly different if Chris Beaver had the chance to remake the game.

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      Dead Space 3 was a pretty significant detraction from the survival horror roots of the series, as it was more of an action game than a horror experience. It was also the last game in the series before Motive remade the first title earlier this year, and if you're worried that Dead Space 3 will also be remade as it once was, the original writer of the game has stated that if given the chance, he would completely redo the game.

      Chris Beaver, who is regarded as a writer and co-producer on the game, recently sat down with the CaptainBribo podcast (thanks, PCGN) to talk about the title, where he specifically stated:

      "Now in this [Dead Space] remake territory I would redo Dead Space 3 almost completely, but I would keep the lore beat it's predicated on, keep the lore you find out, and I would have Ellie there but in a different relationship [with Isaac] and redo the entire main story."

      Beaver notes that he would remove the love triangle between Isaac, Ellie, and Robert, and would further explore the broken Isaac dynamic from the first game, referring to this relationship as like that of Gollum and Smeagol in The Lord of the Rings.

      As for why Dead Space 3 ended up as it did, Beaver noted: "The plan [with Dead Space 3] was that we'd expand into other gameplay genres. All those bits together not only didn't generate a new audience, they lost the old audience. We weren't allowed to make a horror game from the beginning."

      Dead Space 3

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