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Dead Space 2 demo pre-Xmas?

Producer drops festive hints

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Visceral Games has dropped turkey-sized hints that we might see a demo of its upcoming sci-fi horror sequel Dead Space 2 before Santa comes a'calling this holiday.

Speaking on the game's official Facebook page in a filmed Q&A session, executive producer Steve Papoutsis fields a question about a possible Christmas demo. His response? A smile and a wink.

Well, its a little more than that. His reply, which which comes six minutes in, sounds promising. "I would say stay on your toes, stick on the Facebook page, and (here comes the wink) you never know."

Yea? Nay? Put us in the former category, if only because January 28 seems a lifetime away, and that we've gotten pumped from doing our bi-montly Aliens movies marathon.

Dead Space 2

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