Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising fans upset by change of Frank West voice actor

And there's a petition to restore the original.

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Frank West has been voiced by voice actor and movie stuntman Terence J. Rotolo up until the upcoming Dead Rising 4 where the series will use another unannounced voice actor, and fans aren't happy about the change.

In fact, they are so unhappy that there is a petition to change the voice back to Rotolo, a petition that has garnered over 700 supporters. Rotolo himself has even shared the petition on Facebook.

Capcom have been removing messages on its social media aimed at the issue, such as #FansRising or #RealFrankWest, so it seems they at least know that fans are upset. However, it is highly unlikely that they would change course this late in development as Dead Rising 4 approaches its release in December.

Dead Rising 4

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