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Dead or Alive 6

Dead or Alive 6's Season Pass costs more than the game

The newly released fighting game Dead or Alive had its Season Pass detailed and it turns out the classic fighting game charges a pretty penny for its DLC.

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The Dead or Alive series truly is a genre classic but has seen some controversy over the years, from scantily clad women to breast physics - the developers have seen angry people gather to call the game and its creators out. This latest controversy, however, has nothing to do with over-sexualisation, rather it has more to do with monetisation.

The newly released sixth instalment in the series, Dead or Alive 6, had its Season Pass detailed recently. The Season Pass, which is available for purchase right now, will net you 62 costumes and two fighters from The King of Fighters XIV (with one being Mai Shiranui). The content will be released in March through June in intervals and first up is the two Happy Wedding Costume pack outfits.

Want some cool outfits for your fighters? Well, here's where the controversy comes in - the season pass is a whopping £93 / £74.

Whether or not you think it's worth it, we'll leave up to you. You can find our opinion on the game in our review if you want to know more.


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