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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 test build has been leaked online

Gamers around the world are playing a now-binned leaked build of Dead Island 2 which appeared online just recently.

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Leaks are relatively common within the gaming industry but more often than not, the game getting leaked is set to release shortly. This time, however, the leak is of an old build from a now-binned title that has since switched developers. Just recently, a Dead Island 2 build from 2015 leaked online and the build has been confirmed to be the work of developer Yager, which created the acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line. Plenty of screenshots and even videos of the build have surfaced on social media this weekend.

Have you checked out the leak and would you have liked to try this version of Dead Island 2 out?

Dead Island 2

Thanks, Eurogamer

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