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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 seems to be coming for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X

Isn't this game dead already?

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Do you remember the E3 of 2014? It seems like an innocent time. Apple didn't have a smart watch to offer, Microsoft didn't own Mojang, Gamergate hadn't started yet, we were all wondering how Bungie's first game after Halo would be (Destiny) and no one even in their wildest dreams could ever believe the media personality Donald Trump would be president one day.

E3 2014 was also when Dead Island 2 was announced. A game that still hasn't been released, and that defines "development hell" more than most as no less than three developers has been trying to make it; originally Yager Development, then Sumo Digital and finally Dambuster Studios. It still hasn't been released by the way, and it seems unlikely that it is coming this year either.

As the user MauroNL on Twitter has noted, Dambuster is now looking for a producer who is going to be "working on an established AAA title for Next Gen Consoles and PC platforms." Judging from all the studios other job listings and their size, they are currently only working on one game, and that is Dead Island 2.

Basically, don't expect Dead Island 2 to be a game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One anymore. When we'll see it next time, it'll be a title for the new generation. Which actually sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Dead Island 2

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