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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 reveals final Slayer

Bruno is styled as a modern day gentleman thief.

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In the sixth and final Meet the Slayers trailer for Dead Island 2, we get to feast our eyes on Bruno, who is described in the trailer as a "smooth-talking, modern day gentleman thief who can play whatever part he's needed for."

In his appearance, Bruno looks more like a TikTok or Soundcloud rapper than a gentleman, but perhaps that's just the way modern times have shifted. In his gameplay, it looks like Bruno will be best suited to those who like to be a bit quicker and agile in combat.

Also, his innate skill Backstab seems like it'll work best when playing with a friend, as they'll be able to take the enemy's attention while you sneak around their back.

Who are you looking forward to playing as in Dead Island 2? Check out the trailer below.


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