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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 is "still being worked on"

THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors advises us to "stay tuned" for more on the game in a brief update during a financial presentation.

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THQ Nordic recently hosted a financial presentation talking about their financial results and what's ahead for the future, and during this time we got word on a game that we haven't heard a great deal about - Dead Island 2.

CEO Lars Wingefors addressed the sequel very briefly during his update on the games under THQ Nordic's umbrella, saying: "Dead Island 2 - still being worked on. Stay tuned."

That's reassuring to hear, even if we don't get any details other than that, since the game was first revealed back at E3 in 2014. Five years on and people have questioned what to expect from the sequel, so it's good news to hear Wingefors address it at all.

Are you a fan of the Dead Island series?

Dead Island 2

Thanks, VG247.

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