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Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has got an Amazon store page with release date and box art

Following its 2014 reveal, the game seems to almost be here.

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Dead Island 2 was originally revealed back in 2014 and was planned for a 2015 release. Since then, it has become a poster-boy for the term 'development hell'. Techland (who did the original) were supposed to develop it, but this was later changed to Yager.

But clearly this didn't work either, and 2016 the game was moved to Sumo Digital - and in 2019 it was time to move the development to Dambuster Studios. And since then, they've been working on it, and now it seems like the game is actually coming.

The reason we believe this is that Dead Island 2: Day 1 Edition has now got a store page on Amazon, which also includes a firm release date, some screenshots and even a box art. It turns out the game will be released on February 3, 2023, which is seemingly not a place holder, as it's a Friday, which is the most common day of the week for releases.

You can check out the box art further down and we've added the original box art from the intended 2015 release as a comparison. You can also find tweets with some screenshots and the official store description of the game (which has since been removed from the store page).

Dead Island 2Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2

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