Dead Cells

Dead Cells surpasses 10 million copies sold

So more content will be coming in 2024.

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Dead Cells was easily one of my hottest game of the year candidates when it launched in 2018, but I had to put it down to focus on other games after a while. Returning to platinum it earlier this year was such a thrill. Not only because the games is still fantastic, but also due to the plethora of updates and expansions Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released through the years. They aren't planning to stop either.

The two companies have sent out a press release revealing that Dead Cells now has sold more than 10 million copies. This means it has sold a approximately twice as many copies the last three years than it did the first two. Then it's kind of understandable that we're also told Evil Empire plans to release even more content through 2024, so there's no need to delete Dead Cells from your storage anytime soon.

Dead Cells

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