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Dead Cells

Dead Cells shifts one million copies on PC and console

PC is the main platform, but Nintendo Switch sales have been good too according to Motion Twin.

It's been a successful year for French studio Motion Twin, with the developer finally able to fully launch its action-platformer, Dead Cells. The game performed admirably across all of the platforms it appeared on, this thanks to some wonderful art, and an addictive mix of metroidvania and roguelite elements.

We know it was a success because during a GDC talk last week, game designer Sébastien Bénard confirmed that the game had sold more than one million copies. Bénard confirmed that 60% of sales were on PC, which isn't a huge surprise considering the fact that the game launched there first on Steam Early Access, but the game designer did mention that the game enjoyed success on consoles, in particular on Nintendo Switch.

During the talk, and via US Gamer, we also learned that the game was a last roll of the dice for the studio after years of struggling to make an impact with free-to-play games, but with Dead Cells bringing home the bacon for the indie team, we daresay they're in a pretty good place for the time being.

Dead Cells