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Dead Cells

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant is "focused on end-game content"

We talked to Motion Twin at PAX about the major content update for one of last year's most popular indies.

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Motion Twin's Joan Blachère joined us at PAX East in Boston, and during our interview, we discussed all things relating to Dead Cells and it's DLC expansion.

"The DLC is called Rise of the Giant, and it's really focused on end-game content," he told us. "We wanted the people who have already beaten the game a lot to have new things to do, so we have two new guns and two new bosses, plus 10 new mobs, and a lot of it was like all-new skins."

The expansion is already out on PC, where it's free to download right now, but console-based players are going to have to wait a month or two for the update to roll out there. Check out the full interview for more, and below that, we've dropped an animated trailer for your viewing pleasure.


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