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Dead Cells

Dead Cells has sold 3.5 million copies, new DLC 'Fatal Falls' will arrive in Q1 2021

The upcoming DLC is said to introduce two new biomes, as well as new weapons and enemies.

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Remember last month we reported about that the developer team, Motion Twin has been working on a Christmas update for their popular action platform Dead Cells. Back then, they also mentioned that there would be some bigger news coming in, now we finally know what that meant.

Via a post on Steam, Motion Twin revealed that the second paid DLC 'Fatal Falls' will launch in Q1 2021, and the price is set to be $4.99 (or equivalent). A lot of new content will be added, including new weapons and new enemies. Moreover, players can expect to explore two new biomes "The Fractured Shrines" and "The Undying Shores", which you can have a quick look in the teaser below.


Other than that, we also got to know that the Dead Cells has achieved a significant milestone, with 3.5 million copies sold on all platforms. This is indeed very impressive.

At the end of the post, the team thanked fans for the support and promised that they will bring more news about the upcoming Update 21 and DLC. It seems like Dead Cells fans are going to have lots of goodies to sink their teeth into.

Check some screenshots of the new DLC here and let us know your thoughts.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells
Dead Cells

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