Dead Cells

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls DLC will see a January 26 release

It's the second paid DLC the roguelike has received.

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The January game drought has just eased slightly, as it has been revealed that Dead Cells' second paid DLC Fatal Falls will launch on January 26. This DLC is only accessible to owners of the base game, and it adds two new biomes and a new boss encounter. You can check out some gameplay from the new DLC in the video above.

Alongside the DLC, a new bundle is set to release, which will compile the base game and both paid expansions. In the US, Fatal Falls is priced at $4.99 as a standalone release, whereas the all-inclusive bundle is $19.99. This bundle is set to be discounted at 33% off on the day of its release for a limited period, so be sure to pick it up quickly!

Dead Cells

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