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Dead Cells

Dead Cells dev Motion Twin focusing on Switch performance

Team aiming to improve the experience for Switch players.

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Motion Twin's latest game, Dead Cells, has been wowing critics since its launch earlier this week (our review is coming up later today). If there is one small gripe we had with it, though, it's the performance of the Switch version. That, however, is something that the studio is prioritising at the moment. The Switch game is underperforming and the framerate often drops below 60fps and this will be figured out, soon. Here is a statement from the studio, via Reddit:

"We playtested Dead Cells on the Nintendo Switch and we continue to play it for fun, on the tram, at certain family gatherings and just for the hell of it during our lunch breaks. We are aware of the frame rate drops in some areas of the game. However we didn't feel like it was getting in the way of us having a good time with Dead Cells, and we had to make a choice between; significantly delaying the launch of the Switch version of the game until after the release on the other platforms, or getting it out to fans at the same time as everyone else. The former seemed more damaging for Switch owners. That said, we've just come from 15 months of Early Access, with the development style and culture that goes with it. We've learned that just because we're the developers, doesn't mean we're always right about our own game. So now we'll put what we learned into practice, listen to your feedback and get to work fixing the problem right away. We've allocated all available resources to the issue (remember we're a small team) and improving the performance on Switch it our main priority as of now.

"So when can you expect a fix? Well, every minor tweak and performance fix that could be done prior to release has been done. This leaves us with the big time consuming changes as well as exploring new possibilities which might really help, or not, we won't know until we start. Of course on console all updates must be certified before reaching you guys, which adds extra time between now and a potential fix. So to be clear we're looking at November at the absolute earliest, if the god of game dev comes down from the clouds ad blesses our guys right now. This is however as soon as it is physically possible for us right now. We're currently in the process of rescheduling our AMA on this subreddit (originally planned for tomorrow, but you know, a wild Smash Bros Direct appeared). We will have to confirm, but it will probably happen on Thursday next week. We would like to be as transparent as we can on this issue, so even if you've got questions on the technical aspects and challenges of the porting, we will commit to answering with as much precision as we can. We apologize to everyone who was expecting a higher port quality and to anyone who has been disappointed by the performances on the Switch so far. If people ask, please share our answer with them; the last thing we want is to leave people in the dark, we'd rather them know what to expect even if it's not the answer they were hoping to hear. Thank you all for your feedback and support! The MT team."

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

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