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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight's K-pop All Kill chapter is now available

The DLC is also bringing a new line of cosmetics called Seoul Sights.

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A few weeks ago, we reported on the next chapter coming to survival horror title Dead by Daylight. Known as All Kill, this chapter takes us on a journey into the cutthroat world of the K-pop industry, and is bringing a new survivor, Yun-Jin Lee and killer, The Trickster as part of the chapter.

For this DLC, the origin story for the killer is tied to the survivor Yun-Jin, who was actually the very individual who guided The Trickster into the industry and now, the murderous villain is out for revenge. The All Kill chapter was also developed in collaboration with K-pop singer Kevin Woo from band U-KISS, to ensure that developer Behaviour Interactive accurately portrayed the K-pop industry in-game.

Now available to download and play in-game, the DLC is also bringing a new range of cosmetics called the Seoul Sights. This collection is set to add outfits for the two new characters, as well as new outfits for a selection of already available characters.

Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive

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