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Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight to receive multi-stage visual enhancements

The team is also currently working on next-gen ports for its asymmetrical horror experience.

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Over the past few weeks, Behaviour Interactive has shared many cryptic social media teasers to prepare their eager community for a major update. Recently, Lead Level Artist Stephanie Hellin and Product Manager Joris Four presented these plans, which the studio calls "The Realm Beyond" project. Basically, it is a multi-stage graphics update that is supposed to prepare the now four-year-old game for the release of the next-gen consoles. We give you a small overview:

In addition to the expected regular updates and other planned DLC content, Dead by Daylight will be graphically overhauled by autumn 2021. All current platforms will benefit from free updates that will revise the "graphics, light reflections and animations" so that the players can find their way around the maps better and enjoy an overall more immersive experience thanks to environmental storytelling. Textures and models should also become more realistic in order to better support the "lore of the characters", Behaviour wrote.

In the first part of the graphical update, the two locations Springwood and Yamaoka Estate are addressed. In the future, the rooms should be easier to distinguish from one another so that players can orientate themselves better. You can get an example of the changes in the video below. As said, all of this should serve to implement Dead by Daylight on the next-generation console systems, too. You can read more about these plans on the developer blog if you like.

Dead by DaylightDead by Daylight

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