De Blob 2

De Blob 2 has finally made its way to PC

It's been a long time coming.

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2011's De Blob 2 has finally landed on PC (on Steam and GOG.com with a 25% discount on both platforms), more than six years after its initial launch on PS3, X360 and Wii. Here's a short list of the features included in this new version, including unofficial Wiimote support:

• Upscaled videos
• Added FXAA Anti-Aliasing
• Added resolution and graphic quality options
• Keyboard & Mouse and Gamepad (Xbox/PlayStation) support and UI adaptation, also added remap feature
• Unofficial Wiimote support

If you're a PC gamer and were tempted by this title in the past but couldn't play it, now is the time to make you move.

De Blob 2

Thanks, Gamezone.

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