Dragon Ball FighterZ

DBS Broly is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ this week

December 5 is the date to remember, as that's when the powerful fighter will join the roster of Arc System Works' game.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ players have been patiently waiting for Broly (DBS version) to arrive, and now we know courtesy of the trailer below that he's coming on December 5, meaning there are mere days to wait before we can play him.

Those with the FighterZ Pass 2 can get him straight away, and earlier this month Broly got a new Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer, so Bandai Namco hasn't been afraid to tease the newest warrior for Arc System Works' popular title.

Earlier this year Gogeta was confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ too, so the roster has been continually expanding since release, including various elements of the Dragon Ball universe.

Will you play as this version of Broly?

Dragon Ball FighterZ

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