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DayZ leaving Early Access and heading to Xbox in 2018

It's still coming, it's still coming...

Bohemia Interactive's DayZ started it's life as a mod, then entered Early Access and for many represented the first foray into the so popular Battle Royale genre, something that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is capitalising on these days. DayZ first started as a mod for ARMA II, and is finally preparing to go into a beta and get a proper release during 2018. DayZ is also heading to consoles.

A blog post states that the beta and updates leading from 0.63 up to version 1.0 will happen in 2018. A version of the game is still on track for Xbox One in 2018 (though Bohemia wants to be happy about the PC beta first). Clearly, DayZ has lost the initiative, but is there still time to catch up to PUBG?

Do you still play DayZ or have you gone on to play other Battle Royale titles?


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