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Days Gone

Days Gone's new trailer is all about your trusty bike

This is more than a method of transportation, and you'll need to keep it in good shape to survive the hostile world around you.

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Bend Studio's Days Gone was delayed last year to April 26, which means we still have a few months to wait before we can see what the post-apocalyptic PS4 exclusive has in store. One thing we do know is that the protagonist Deacon will have a trusty motorbike, which is exactly what the new trailer is about.

Basically your bike is one of your biggest priorities, and you can do field repairs or buy new parts if it gets damaged. Let it break or run out of fuel though, and you run into the risk of being trapped out in the dangerous world and having to walk. Fuel isn't exactly going to be lying around though, and it's a valuable resource with a lot of other dangerous people also after it.

We also get told that Freakers are most active at night, so sleeping in a safehouse might be the best bet until the sun rises. We can't imagine the bike is particularly quiet when the sun goes down either.

There are dangers in the daylight too, whether that's marauders or wildlife, and in the video we see Deacon eaten by a bear. Don't worry though - you respawn at your bike, which is also where you can store extra supplies like ammo.

If you prefer fast travel though, clearing our infestations will reduce the amount of swarms and open up new routes, making the world a safer place. After all, last year we heard that Days Gone's "world is dynamic, living and reacts to Deacon", and this is one of the ways you can change it. Checkpoints are worth checking out as well, as they have valuable medical supplies.

While you get your engines revving you might want to check out our hands-on impressions from last year, but for now you can see what we're talking about in the video right down below.

How do you think Days Gone will turn out?

Days Gone

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