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Days Gone

Days Gone's full map revealed

We got the chance to play Deacon's PS4-exclusive adventure recently, and here we saw the full map we can expect to see on April 26.

Days Gone is revving its motorcycle engines ready for release exclusively on PS4 on April 26, but before then we've got some content to show you from a preview event we recently attended, in which we got to play a lot of Deacon's adventure ahead of launch.

We know the world is hostile, but what will the map look like? Well, we have four pictures down below which gives you a taste of the full map, including some of the missions that will be available.

Days Gone
Days Gone
Days Gone
Days Gone

This year we've received a fair few trailers to prepare us to take on Bend Studio's world, including one dedicated to your trusty motorbike as well as another detailing your methods of survival. If you're more interested in the story though, you'll be pleased to watch the wedding of Sarah and Deacon, which will play an important role in the narrative.

Are you ready to explore the wilderness?

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