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Days Gone

Days Gone outsold Ghost of Tsushima yet Sony still saw it as a "disappointment" says game director

Jeff Ross took to Twitter to talk about the Bend Studio project.

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A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Sucker Punch's Ghost of Tsushima reached the eight million copies sold milestone. While an impressive achievement in and of itself, the milestone has led to a bit of frustration being revealed by Bend Studio's Jeff Ross, who during his time at the developer in the position of game director for Days Gone, revealed that Sony saw the game as a "disappointment" despite supposedly beating Ghost of Tsushima to the eight millions sales mark.

"At the time I left Sony, Days Gone had been out for a year and a half (and a month), and sold over 8 million copies," said Ross on Twitter. "It's since gone on to sell more, and then a million+ on Steam. Local studio management always made us feel like it was a big disappointment."

Last year, a report was shared that revealed Bend Studio did pitch a Days Gone sequel to Sony in 2019, only for it to be rejected. With these sales numbers in mind today, would you like to see Sony greenlight a Days Gone sequel?

Days Gone

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