Days Gone

Days Gone is still in "early development" says Sony Bend

Impressive as the E3 demo was, the game still has a long way to go.

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The post-apocalyptic biker-themed zombie survival game, Days Gone, was one of the highlights of Sony's E3 show. But as good as the game looked, it'll still be quite a while before we can get our hands on it. Speaking to Venture Beat, Darren Yager of Sony Bend gives this tidbit about balancing the numbers of the E3 demo's zombie horde:

"We're still early in development, but right now, this is something like our worst case scenario. We're still adjusting the amount of guys and their alertness and things like that," he says.

Sony hasn't said anything about the potential release date for the game, and given that Yager describes it as being in early development, Days Gone could be a while off.

We were witness to a hands-off demo during E3, and you can read about what we saw by heading in this direction, and head this way for our own interview with Sony Bend where they tell us how they've had to dig deep into the capabilities of the PS4 to power the horde that characterises this promising survival game.

Days Gone

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