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Days Gone

Days Gone gets Survival difficulty and challenges this summer

You can get rewards from trying out this new content, including one that really goes a step further than the hard mode.

Days Gone has already had a positive start in life, topping the UK physical sales charts for several weeks after launch, and now Sony has revealed that a brand new, free DLC has dropped for the game today.

This ushers in Survival Difficulty Mode, adding to the hard mode by increasing the enemy difficulty and making you unable to avoid them by using fast travel. The immersive HUD has also been removed, since you can't see enemy awareness indicators and outlines, but you can see the HUD temporarily by using Survival Vision. It's worth playing though, because new bike skins and trophies are available for those who beat this new challenge.

Later in June players will also get weekly challenges, each having their own rules and score modifiers. These provide patches as rewards, which come with perks affecting accuracy, stamina, health, and more, and these patch benefits stack and carry into the main game. You can also earn ranks and credits to buy skins and rings to provide even more perks. Bear in mind though that only two rings can be equipped at a time, and rings don't carry on over to the main game.

Some character skins are only available in the challenges as well, with apocalypse Deacon, flashback Deacon, and shirtless Deacon available as part of this.

In late June a challenge called Surrounded will also be arriving, forcing you to survive an endless horde in Sherman's Camp. You can get better scores by fighting against the horde and the clock, with point multipliers rewarded for smaller challenges like headshots and environment kills.

We'll see 12 challenges over just as many weeks, and for a taste of what's coming this summer, make sure to check out the new trailer below.

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