Days Gone

Days Gone gets free DLC later this year

DLC announcements are great, but free DLC announcements are better. Bend Studio's Days Gone will be updated with free content in June.

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Bend Studio is already planning and about to release downloadable content for the upcoming game Days Gone, but it's not as bad as one might think. The upcoming DLC, which adds a new difficulty mode, new weekly challenges and dynamic events are coming to players of the game for free in June of this year.

The new difficulty level, survival, not only increases the difficulty of the game but eliminates player perks like fast travel and survival vision while removing maps and indicators through a new immersive HUD. Each week from June and forward will bring a new bike, horde or combat challenge will test the grit of players, awarding them with items and various rewards. More information is coming as we get closer to the launch of the DLC.

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Days Gone

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