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Days Gone

Days Gone 2 petition continues to grow at a fast pace

It has been almost doubled since last year and is closing in on 200,000 signatures.

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A lot of people were really disappointed when Jason Schreier revealed that Days Gone 2 wasn't in development despite the fact that Bend Studio wanted to continue the story about Deacon St. John. Instead, Schreier claimed that half the studio was doing mainly support for others, while the other half was making a live service game, unrelated to Days Gone.

As is tradition on the internet, this led to fans protesting with a petition. But unlike most, this one really became big and hasn't been forgotten. Last year, we reported that 100,000 people had signed it already, and now that number has been almost doubled. Currently 182,207 users have signed it, which most certainly means that Sony has noticed it.

If it'll actually lead to something eventually is currently unknown, but if it does, all fans deserves a pat on the back for making their voices heard.

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Days Gone


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