Days Gone

Days Gone 2 has surpassed 100,000 in signed petition

Now there's no doubt Sony has noticed the outcry.

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It didn't take long from Jason Schreier revealing that Sony had rejected Bend Studio's first pitch for a Days Gone sequel to people starting to sign petitions in hope of making the Japanese company change its mind. One of the most popular ones has kept on growing at a very impressive pace the last few weeks, and has now reached an incredible milestone.

More than 100,000 eager gamers have signed Kanhai Raval's "Get Sony PlayStation to approve Days Gone 2" petition on Change.org. It'll obviously take a lot more than that to make Sony approve a new pitch for more Days Gone, but at least it proves that people are hungry for more zomb... freaker horde slaughtering and biking.

What kind of improvements would Days Gone 2 have to do to make it a must-buy?

Days Gone

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