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Daymare: 1998

Daymare: 1998 releases for PS4 and Xbox One in April

Daymare: 1998, the zombie horror game from Invader Studio, is set to release on console come April.

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Destructive Creations, All in! Games and the Italian developer Invader Studios have announced today that their successful horror game, Daymare: 1998, will be released on consoles this spring.

The game was originally released on PC last year, but now it's expected on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 28 of 2020. "After seeing the positive feedback Daymare: 1998 has been receiving on PC, we're excited to be able to bring this game to console players. And seeing our game on the shelves of retail stores is just a dream come true. Hope everybody will enjoy their visit to Keen Sight," said Michele Giannone, Business Development Director of Invader Studios.

For more information on Daymare: 1998, you can take a look at our gameplay video below.


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